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Simple tools for instructors

Ubindi will make it fun and easy for freelance teachers and instructors to manage students, accept reservations, receive payments, take attendance, send emails, and handle passes & subscriptions. Coming soon!

What can you do with Ubindi?

See who's coming

Students can reserve your classes in advance (with or without payment). So you’ll know who to expect, how many are coming, how many spots are left.

Take attendance

Goodbye pen & paper. Take attendance, register new students, monitor no-shows... all on your phone. So you can focus on teaching!


Organize students by tags and send out relevant & personalized emails. No fiddly newsletter software... just send the right email to the right people.

Manage students

Keep an organized student list where people can update their own details. See at a glance who paid for what, who's a regular, or who needs encouragement.

Accept payments

Convenient for clients, and fewer no-shows for you. For each class you can configure bookings where online payment is optional or required — all up to you!

Track earnings

Whether you’re paid online or offline, attendance-based insights show you where your money's coming from, how much to expect, and what's working.

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