Simple admin tools for teachers & studios

Ubindi makes it easy for freelance teachers to manage students, reservations, payments, attendance, emails, and more.

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Adjusting to the "new normal"?

Ubindi works for online classes too!

Ubindi can take care of all your admin needs for online classes, too. Use Zoom, Skype, Google Meet or any other platform!

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What can you do with Ubindi?
Is Ubindi for you?

If any of the following is familiar...

“I use pen & paper to do attendance and take down student details.”

“I need a non-techy way to have my schedule on the internet”

“My student list is messy. Wish I could quickly see who’s who & who did what.”

“I’d love to take advance reservations, maybe online payments, too.”

“Mass emails, urgh... if only I could group students into categories!”

“I don’t have time or money for complicated software.”

“Knowing exactly how much I’m earning every month is a mystery.”

... you've come to the right place!

all the free stuff, plus:

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Is it really free?
Yep. If you’re running a small teaching business, you can manage up to 100 students for free.


  • Manage up to 100 students
  • Take online payments (5% fees)
  • Student tags & targeted emailing
  • Handle reservations & attendance
  • Insights on revenue & students


For more, there’s Ubindi Pro.


all the free stuff, 

  • Unlimited students
  • 2% Platform fees 
  • Sell passes + memberships
  • Track Student creditS

$10 / month

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