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Taking payments

Easily accept credit cards from anywhere in the world for class bookings, on-demand videos, passes & subscriptions.  You can make payment required, optional, or by donation — you're in charge!

The days of awkwardly having to ask clients for money are over! And with nothing falling through the cracks, you earn more money. 

Classes, bookings & attendance

Set up your schedule and let students signup for classes. Confirmations & reminders are emailed automatically. 

Check students in on your phone... or just let them do it themselves! For virtual classes, Ubindi takes attendance for you. 

Get basic stats about reservations, attendance and 'no-shows' with important insights into how you're doing.

What's it like for clients?

Ubindi literally means "the easiest way for people to access your offerings". OK, just kidding... but even your least tech-savvy client will have no trouble booking a class or getting into your virtual session. Guaranteed!

On-demand videos

Create a library of class recordings. Accept payments for single video access, or connect your videos to passes or subscriptions (just as for live classes). Do the work once, reap the benefits for years.

You can host your videos wherever you like (Zoom, YouTube, Google drive, ...). For YouTube or Vimeo, they'll play beautifully right on Ubindi.

Offer deals & packages


Automatic billing (weekly, monthly, or yearly) means recurring revenue, better client retention, and a big boost to your bottom line. For your students, memberships are a nice convenience.


Also called "punch cards", passes drive loyalty and engagement. On Ubindi, you can set them up with expiry dates and choose which classes or videos are part of the deal.

Ubindi faithfully keeps track of everyone's passes and credits, saving you a ton of time. When you cancel class, or when a students cancel in advance, pass credits are automatically refunded.

Organise & manage clients

Tags & groups

Segment clients into groups like "Beginners", "Mondays", anything you like. Tags give you more granular insight into your student base.

Stats & insights

Intuitive reports about students to show you at a glance who's coming consistently, or who might need some encouragement.

Group emailing

Send out targeted group emails in just seconds. There's no complicated newsletter software... just easy ways to send the right email to the right people at the right time.

Student notes & history

Every student has a detailed view where you can keep notes, manage passes, see their history...  and usually there's a face to go with the name, too!

Website integration

You can always send people to your public Ubindi page. But if you have a website, your class schedule, videos and package offerings can be embedded right there. Easily customized to match your site, Ubindi widgets are super simple to install. For non-techies!

With Ubindi widgets, people can book & pay directly on your own website without having to go anywhere else.


Activate your own waiver or policy and rest assured: everyone signing up for class or accessing a video has read and agreed to your terms.

Referral program

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to grow your business. With Ubindi, you can turn on a simple referral program that uses class credits to motivate students to drive new clients your way. 

Extra support for virtual classes

For online classes, Ubindi ensures that everything runs smoothly — by pretty much eliminating admin tasks completely.

Works with Zoom

Ubindi is platform agnostic: it works with Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, ... whatever you like to use!

Link auto sending

No more having to send Zoom links out to everyone, and no more confusion about which link is the one!

When students book, they get simple instructions on how & when to join your class. They also get a reminder email just before class time with a big button that takes them straight into your session.

limit class size

As with any in-person class, you can set the max number of people who can register for your class. 


Students get "magic" links to your class, not the actual meeting url. 

So they can't share the link with others or use it more than once. No surprises!


You have enough on your plate with internet, cameras, microphones, and of course the teaching bit... don't stress! As students enter your online class, Ubindi marks them as present automatically. 

Play with Ubindi to see it in action:

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