Who can use Ubindi?

If you teach group classes of any kind, Ubindi's class booking system and admin tools provide you with all essential tools you need to run your teaching business. Whatever you teach: yoga, fitness, dance... music, arts, or languages... wether you're coaching a sport or running after school programs with little ones... you save tons of time and money — so you can focus on what you love!
A simple but complete solution for independent teachers and small studios. What's your niche?
Yoga Teacher
Yoga teachers
Ubindi supports yoga teachers with an intuitive and complete toolset to manage (and grow) their business. Easy-peasy!
Group fitness
Fitness instructors
Ubindi empowers group fitness instructors with a rock solid booking system, waivers, and more.
Dance Teacher
Dance teachers
Ubindi lets dance teachers focus on teaching class, not admin. It handles registrations, attendance, payments & memberships...
Cooking schools
Cooking classes
Take payments for live classes and recorded videos. Set up class passes & subscriptions... easy for you, and easier for your students!
Zumba Instructors
Zumba instructors
Grow your following and manage your schedule of classes... and never have things fall through the cracks again.
While you help your clients with breathing, stretching and conditioning... Ubindi can take care of all the admin in your business.
Music teacher
Music teachers
It's hard enough keeping everyone in tune and on tempo. Let Ubindi manage the logistics before and after practice.
Drama schools
Inspire your people on stage, knowing that the tedious registration and admin chores are under control.
Art classes
Preparing your classes is a lot of work already.... at least your bookings, payments and scheduling can be on autopilot!
If you teach groups of pupils in different locations, keeping track of it all is easy with your managed schedule on Ubindi...
Language learning
Language learning
Embed your offerings on your own website and let Ubindi handle all the tedious admin — so you can focus on teaching!
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Is your application not covered above? Do you teach something different? Ubindi will probably work for you, too! To really see what it can (and can't) do, simply signup with a free account and play around with it.
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